Dr. Jens Heerklotz, M.Sc., DDS – Zahnarzt – Veneers, Bleaching und Implantate in Fürth, Nürnberg, Erlangen

Dr. Jens Heerklotz, M.Sc., DDS

After finishing university in 2003 he did extensive post graduated studies in implantology and finished them successfully with a masters degree in implantology.

He is furthermore a qualified member of the german society for holistic dentistry (GZM), focussing on metal free implants as well as special focus on biologic compatibility of dental materials in general. Furthermore he has gained in- depth knowledge on temporomadibular joint disorders and sports dentistry, which have become specialities in his office, too.

„We offer the full variety of dentistry, from asthetic, cosmetic, surgical to restorative measures. Also we use latest technical innovations such as a digital Xray and 3D CT radiologic analysis for your benefit. But most importantly- despite all the technological achievements we try not to forget the human aspect which we think sometimes lacks in medical care!“


Dr. Jens Heerklotz, Msc